How we do deep cleaning

  • Wiping off the dust
  • Washing the walls and ceiling
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Wiping off the dust
  • Washing the mirrors
  • Washing the furniture
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Washing the walls and ceiling
  • Washing the plumbing fixtures
  • Washing the mirrors
  • Washing the toilet
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Washing the working surface
  • Washing the facades and furniture
  • Washing the hood
  • Cleaning the floor

In all property

  • Clean the floor and mop the baseboards
  • Process with steam radiator’s
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wipe from dust all available surfaces
  • Wipe over switches and sockets
  • Clean mirror’s and glass surfaces

In bathroom

  • Cleaning toilet
  • Clean bath, shower and sink
  • Clean plumbing
  • Clean ceiling,walls,floor

In the kitchen

  • Clean sink
  • Wipe over tabletop, working surface
  • Clean out oven, fridge and extractor
  • Wipe over cupboards
  • Clean walls, floor
  • Do not lift or move heavy objects and furniture
  • Do not clean inside fridge, microwave oven,oven
  • Does not remove fungus in seams
  • Do not clean chandeliers complex design
  • Do not clean surface’s are not resistant to chemical and abrasive influences
  • Do not empty the cupboard of dishes and things
  • Do not clean the blinds

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    There is no doubt that the key to cleanliness is regular cleaning. However, at life’s current pace, there is a definite lack of time for most people and your house does not shine as you would wish it to. Now is the time to call the professionals from CLEANHOUSE!

    The specialists of our company will restore freshness and cleanliness in a matter of hours. We have at our disposal specialist equipment and hypoallergenic detergents for high-quality general cleaning of apartments, houses of all types and ages, offices and larger workspaces.

    A team of professionals will undertake a thorough and timely cleansing, which includes:

    • removing dust from walls, door frames and light fittings;
    • plus the removal of dirt from furniture.

    All work on cleaning furniture and other interior items is carried out with the help of delicate means that do not damage the surface.

    CLEANHOUSE specialists will undertake deep cleaning in all of yhe important areas of the home or workspace, paying particular attention to bathroom and kitchen spaces.

    Our disinfection and cleaning products are safe for both humans and pets.