How we do after builders cleaning

  • Washing windows, window sills, and radiators

  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning furniture and appliances
  • Cleaning floors from glue residue
  • Collecting garbage

In all property

  • Clean the floor and mop the baseboards
  • Process with steam radiator’s
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Wipe from dust all available surfaces
  • Wipe over switches and sockets
  • Clean mirror’s and glass surfaces

In bathroom

  • Cleaning toilet
  • Clean bath, shower and sink
  • Clean plumbing
  • Clean ceiling,walls,floor

In the kitchen

  • Clean sink
  • Wipe over tabletop, working surface
  • Clean out oven, fridge and extractor
  • Wipe over cupboards
  • Clean walls, floor
  • Do not lift or move heavy objects and furniture
  • Do not clean inside fridge, microwave oven,oven
  • Does not remove fungus in seams
  • Do not clean chandeliers complex design
  • Do not clean surface’s are not resistant to chemical and abrasive influences
  • Do not empty the cupboard of dishes and things
  • Do not clean the blinds

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    Is your home recovering from a renovation? Congratulations! It’s time to order a high-quality and deep clean to remove troublesome dirt and dust and repair marks such as sticky tape and pen.

    Our specialists are ready to perform magic on your home to bring the renovation up to a gleaming standard.

    CLEANHOUSE employees can even remove building compounds from various surfaces. With the help of professional equipment and high-class cleaning products, we are ready to fill any renovated space with shine and comfort.

    All detergents used in the work are hypoallergenic and therefore safe for people and pets.

    The CLEANHOUSE post-renovation cleaning service package also includes:

    • cleaning furniture from dirt and dust;
    • removal of dirt from mirrors and glass surfaces;
    • dry cleaning of carpets and furniture.

    The final stage of cleaning is wet cleaning floors including laminate, parquet, lino and tiles, using special gentle products.