How we do cleaning in the office

  • Cleaning at the work places
  • Wiping off the dust
  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning the floor

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    Your company’s clean office is crucial to the health and safety of employees, visitors and customers.

    The cleaning company CLEANHOUSE will take care of the cleanliness of the premises, with qualified cleaners and a package that includes morning and evening cleaning of the office, which does not cause inconvenience to workflow.

    Top quality cleaning is carried out using licensed equipment and hypoallergenic special agents. It includes:

    • cleaning toilets and checking the availability of consumables;
    • dry and wet cleaning of the floor coverings and cleaning bins.
    • прибирання сміття зі сміттєвих кошиків.

    High-quality cleaning in the office also involves taking care of furniture with the help of delicate detergents.

    By performing cleaning on a regular basis, our specialists will help keep computer equipment clean, because dust is its main enemy. In addition, comprehensive cleaning from CLEANHOUSE involves constant monitoring of the cleanliness of office premises.