How we clean the windows

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    Seasonal window cleaning can be a real challenge when it comes to the facades of high-rise buildings. Offices or shopping centers often face this problem after renovation or construction. We are ready to provide an effective solution to the problem with the help of industrial mountaineering.

    To remove dust and dirt at height, a cleaning company CLEANHOUSE (CLEANHOUSE) involves professional climbers. THIS WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED UNDER UK LAW Mountaineering saves where the use of lifting equipment is not possible: there is no drive-in for a car tower or conditions for securing a lifting cradle. In addition, this method is more budget-friendly than the involvement of special equipment.

    Trained cleaners, armed with advanced equipment and detergents means, perform washing of facade windows quickly and qualitatively, and the result is preserved for a long time.

    Thorough washing of windows at a height will help the owners of the premises to get rid of traces of construction mixture and cement, as well as natural pollution in the form of rainwater. We advise you to use our services for washing signs and exterior advertising A neat appearance of the facade is one of the main factors in the successful development of your business.